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Circuit Diagrams and Troubleshooting

Hydraulic-circuit diagrams are complete drawings of a hydraulic circuit. Included in the diagrams is a description, a sequence of operations, notes, and a components list. Accurate diagrams are essential to the designer, the people who build the machine, and the person who repairs it. Hydraulic mechanisms are precision units, and their continued smooth operation depends on frequent inspection and servicing. Personnel must maintain the equipment and system by performing frequent inspections and servicing. The systems must be kept clean, with the oil and filters changed at established intervals.

6-1. Hydraulic-Circuit Diagrams

The four types of hydraulic-circuit diagrams are block, cutaway, pictorial, and graphical. These diagrams show the:

  • Components and how they will interact.
  • Manufacturing engineer and assembler how to connect the components.
  • Field technician how the system works, what each component should be doing, and where the oil should be going so that the technician can diagnose and repair the system.

a. Block Diagram. A block diagram shows the components with lines between the clocks, which indicate connections and/or interactions.

b. Cutaway Diagram. A cutaway diagram shows the internal construction of the components as well as the flow paths. Because the diagram uses colors, shades, or various patterns in the lines and passages, it can show the many different flow and pressure conditions.

c. Pictorial Diagram. A pictorial diagram shows a circuit's piping arrangement. The components are seen externally and are usually in a close reproduction of their actual shapes and sizes.

d. Graphical Diagram. A graphical diagram (Figure 6-1), the short-hand system of the industry, is usually preferred for design and troubleshooting. Simple geometric symbols represent the components and their controls and connections.

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